Styled Fashion Shoot


Redford Photography will be hosting a styled fashion shoot for 2020 seniors! 


Join us on February 17th for this exclusive session!

The session will feature hair and makeup by local artists, plus wardrobe stylings by Vintage Grace Boutique.


Photographs taken during the styled photo shoot will be featured on our social media pages, website, and print media.


In order to participate in Redford's fashion shoot, you must participate in our 2020 model program.


Seniors who participate in our model program will qualify for early bird ambassador pricing listed below.


There are only 10 spots available for the fashions shoot!


For more information or to sign up please contact us at (724)743-5700 or

Early Bird Pricing

Select from our range of  Early Bird session packages below

A la Carte Price List

Select from a range prints, canvases, coffee table books and more. 

Gift Prints

8x10 - $20

5x7- $15

Wallets(8) - $15 

Wall Portraits

11x14 - $125

16x20 - $175

20x24 - $225

20x30 - $250


11x14 - $175
16x20 - $225
20x24 - $275
20x30 - $325 

Coffee Table Book

​8 Page Minimum

Basic (without cover) - $99

Deluxe (with cover) - $175

Premium Leather - $250